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Among Us was one of the hot online games of 2020 and into 2021 its popularity is increasing. A very fun multiplayer online game where one or more imposter(s) lurk amongst you, and work as a team to figure out who the imposter(s) is/are. Among Us has been bought into contention as one of the hottest on trend games by viral videos on YouTube and popular online streamers on Twitch and YouTube playing the game and hilarity ensuing. The COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to its popularity due to people having more time to play such games and the social deduction eliminating resonating well with people in the pandemic.

As well as each game being assigned a number of imposters which can then kill off game players, there are a series of tasks that game players have to complete before being sabotaged by the imposters. The gameplay can therefore be divided into two sides: the crew mates who have to complete the tasks and the imposters who are trying to kill the crew. mates and/or sabotage the tasks. If the crew mates complete all the tasks without any major sabotages they are declared the winners, otherwise if the imposter(s) manage to sabotage or kill enough crew mates in equal number they are declared the winners.


Among Us features many fun mini-missions such as maintenance tasks, downloading data and imposters are also given fake task lists so that they blend in, adding another dimension of difficulty in identifying the imposters. Among Us hacks are few and far between online, but help is at hand and you can use our hack tool to upgrade game play including unlocking skins, hats, pets and removing ads in game play.

As Among Us is a cross-platform game it doesn’t matter what device you use to play the game, you can login and play using a PC or laptop, or gaming console such as Nintendo Switch. The social detection element makes it great for use with a Discord server so that game players can discuss what they’re doing and starting using their detective skills to work out who the imposter is. As there’s no built-in voice chat discussion amongst game players Discord has become a vital communication network for players.

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Why is Among Us So Good?

One of the things that makes among us a great game is the multi-player and social discussion element to it, you have to communicate with your team mates and use the evidence available to make deductions as to who the imposter might be. If you’re an imposter you have to use sneaky tactics to make sure you don’t get alerted by any of the crew mates. The HQ recordings in certain rooms and also crew mate activity can make this hard, so you have to be ultra careful about your kills and sabotages. Joining in with the discussion and ultimately lying well is what will determine if you’re a good imposter.

Whilst the graphics and visuals are not particularly noteworthy the game mechanics have been brilliantly designed. When crew mates are killed they become ghosts and can take a passive role in the game. The use of alerts, sabotages and kills as the core actions of the game keeps it fairly straightforward. There’s a few different maps and change of scenery in the game which also adds to the playability. If you haven’t played Among Us yet, what are you waiting for?


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